Fontaine à Chambéry

Fontaine à Chambéry

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We have been watching exorbitant amounts of HGTV lately. I don't know what spawned this sudden trend but now we are hooked and it feels as if we've been watching HGTV forever. The advertising on this channel is home-and garden-oriented (no surprise there!). Lately there have been commercials for, a new website whose tag line is "A zillion things for home." This site is my newest obsession because it literally does have a zillion (okay, maybe not a zillion. That's a big number.) housewares, most of which are affordably priced. You name it, they've got it.

Early last month we redid our living room. The layout was previously very TV-focused and felt like a set up out of a college dorm room. The cats figured out that if they scratched or sat on the TV we would get out their all-time favorite toy, the laser. Every night we waged a battle and eventually succumbed to waving the laser around for a couple of hours until we went to bed. No fun. So, we checked and found a media stand where we could anchor the TV to the wall. I ordered the stand on a Thursday night and the expected delivery date was the following Friday. It showed up on Tuesday! R immediately put it together and it looks great. Our whole living space was transformed for only $125. 

The TV stand is not totally pet-proof and the cats do climb up there occasionally but we have cut down on the laser time drastically. The TV is also now out of reach for Z, which is a lot safer than the previous set up. Side note: Have you ever read stats on how many children are killed or injured annually by TVs falling on them? The number is surprisingly high, especially with the advent of flat screens.

Bottom line: If you're in the market for something home-related or just need to take a break, check out I think there will be something there you'll like. 

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