Fontaine à Chambéry

Fontaine à Chambéry

Friday, July 16, 2010


I have decided to start making a list of things I notice that aren't necessarily important enough to warrant an individual blog post. Here they are, in no particular order, and I will update this list regularly:

1. In order to be a garbage man/woman in France, you have to have finished high school and received your diploma. I don't know if the requirements for obtaining this profession in the US are the same, but I'm impressed with the French standards.

2. Who knew that ZZ Top was still together and performing? Well, the French do, and they love the group! This weekend ZZ Top is in a city nearby performing. Everybody here is excited.

3. You know how when you go boating for an afternoon you take a cooler of beverages (usually with snacks too)? Well, the French do the same, only they trump us. Last week we went boating with Robin's friend Matthieu and his parents. Matthieu's mom, in addition to bringing a cooler of beer and water, had prepared homemade apple crumble. Each of us had our own little bowl and spoon (no plastic dishes or utensils here!). Obviously it was delicious, and I was impressed.

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