Fontaine à Chambéry

Fontaine à Chambéry

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rendez-vous au Spa

For my birthday, Robin got me a spa package and Saturday was my appointment. Never having been to a spa in the United States, I did not know what to expect. I must say though, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was very nice to be pampered. I was a little worried about interacting with my masseuse since I don't speak French, but she told Robin I shouldn't worry. Once in the little room, I tried to speak a little French to the girl (I don't remember her name). I told the girl that I can only really count and say a few phrases in French. After that, she started speaking English to me! I think had I not tried to speak French to her, she would not have spoken English to me. I really appreciated her efforts, and we had a good time talking about things, in a mix of French and English.

After that exchange, the nameless masseuse started out by giving me a massage, which was nice. I'm usually quite ticklish so I tried very hard not to laugh and accidentally kick her in the face. Ultimately I succeeded in not embarrassing myself. After the massage I got a facial. It was quite the olfactory experience. While the masseuse was slathering stuff on my face, I felt like my blind dog, Helen. It is an odd sensation to have your eyes closed (or in Helen's case, not have eyes) and have someone put very fragrant lotion or creme on your face. You don't quite know when they are going to touch you, but you can smell it before it happens.

My favorite part of the facial was a mask that was left on for ten minutes. The first layer of stuff put on my face smelled suspiciously like yogurt, and I intended to lick some of it when the masseuse left the room. She didn't stop there though! After she had slathered my face in the yogurt, she put a piece of linen over it. Now I began to get a little uncomfortable. I felt as if I were being prepared for mummification! On top of the linen went another layer of stuff--this time I think it was oatmeal. Then the masseuse left me for ten minutes to let the concoction of breakfast foods soak into my skin. Afterwards, she came back and rinsed off my face. My skin was softer than it has been in ages! Who knew that basic things you have around the house (well, at least I think it was yogurt and oatmeal) could make such a difference in the texture of your skin?!

Overall, the spa was great. I highly recommend trying one for those of you who have never gone. If you're uneasy with having a total stranger give you a massage, you could always get a facial, like me.

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